Client Testimonials

“I thoroughly recommend Mario of Luongo Conditioning. He is knowledgeable, personable and dedicated to his clients. Even though I consider myself to be a seasoned recreational athlete, Mario was able to provide me with an individualized program by acknowledging my strengths and focusing on my weaknesses. Throughout the program, he analyzed my form, perfected my technique and adjusted exercises for continual progress. I would recommend Mario of Luongo Conditioning to any athlete who believes that with consistency and professional advice, improvement is possible. Mario will be just as committed to your athletic development as you are.”

Peggy Ament, Athlete

“Mario trained both of my children in preparation for their athletic endeavours. Amanda was a high level soccer player and Grady played both high level baseball and basketball. Mario was very knowledgeable about these sports and in providing exercises that developed the strength and agility needed for both sports. His exercises not only were challenging and helped my kids with their development but were also fun. Mario has great energy and doesn’t hold back from fully participating in the activities he is leading. I highly recommend Mario as a trainer.”

Shauna Stanyer, Parent

“Training with Mario during my minor and junior hockey career was instrumental in creating a foundation for success. Mario created a positive, fun, and competitive environment for off-season conditioning. The workouts were intense, and extremely rewarding. The functional based work Mario put us through during the summer translated extremely well onto the ice. Whether is be inside doing Olympic lifts, or out on the track doing cardio based work, the results were there. Training alongside fellow hockey players created a competitive atmosphere that pushed each of us to be better. Having a sports and teaching background, Mario was able to push us to the next level and instil a work ethic that can now go beyond hockey. Whether the workout was early morning or late at night, it was always enjoyable and an extremely rewarding experience.”

Simon Horlick, Former Professional Hockey Player

I had the privilege of training with Mario for several years which had me in the best shape of my hockey career. Mario’s in-depth knowledge of hockey-specific training, combined with his motivational coaching style, not only pushed me to be my best but also fostered a strong sense of discipline and dedication. His program was pivotal in preparing me both mentally and physically for the challenges of high-level hockey.

I am incredibly grateful for Mario’s expertise and commitment to my development as a hockey player. Thanks to his training programs, I was able to showcase my improved skills and capabilities during junior hockey development camps and achieved great success. I highly recommend Mario as a coach, trainer and mentor to any aspiring athlete looking to take their game to the next level.

Marc Thomsen, Former Junior Hockey Player